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Collectors know Wendy Lawton as a doll maker, but she's spent many years crafting words as well. A much-published writer of magazine articles, Lawton 's very first middle grade juvenile fiction series was released from Moody Press (Chicago) in April 2002. Wendy Lawton's mission statement has long been "To tell stories with porcelain and paint pictures with words." 

In Daughters of the Faith, she deftly combines art with the written word.

"Mary Bunyan and Harriet Tubman, the real life girls who've formed the centerpiece of these stories, come alive as dolls," says Wendy Lawton. "I'm excited about telling their stories in both porcelain and words."

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almosthomeCombinedAlmost Home - 2003

Doll: 14” Porcelain head and hands on a hand-carved, spring-jointed wooden body

Edition Limited to 250 dolls

Retail $795.00

This faithful depiction of Mary Chilton, a young passenger on the Mayflower—and the main character of Wendy Lawton’s newest book, —brings history to life in this historically accurate 14” wood and porcelain doll, sculpted and designed by Wendy Lawton. Autographed book, barrel and oilcloth-covered bundle included.

Mary Chilton was 13-years old when the Mayflower left England to set sail for the New World. The book tells of her yearning to belong—to finally find a home. “In sculpting Mary, I tried to infuse that same yearning into her face,” says Lawton. “C. S. Lewis called that yearning, sehnsucht. He characterized it as an almost inconsolable longing for a time or place. Lewis came to understand that it was actually a yearning for God. Mary learned the same lesson.

The 14" doll has a porcelain head and hands on a hand carved spring-jointed wooden body and sits atop a seaworthy wooden barrel holding her sister's oilcloth-wrapped gift. She has soft blond curls of fine mohair. Her clothes are historically authentic right down to the leather waistcoat. “People picture the Pilgrims in the black and white costumes usually depicted,” says Lawton, “But historical fashion scholars have proven that their clothes were often colorful and resembled Dutch and English yeomen clothing of the day.” An autographed copy of the book is included.

TinkerCombinedThe Tinker's Daughter - 2002

Doll: 11" Porcelain

Edition Limited to 350

Retail $695.00

Mary Bunyan, the blind daughter of Pilgrim's Progress author John Bunyan, knew no barriers. History remembers that every day the 10-year-old walked the streets of Bedford to take soup to her imprisoned father. The indomitable spirit of young Mary is captured in this doll. She's dressed in authentic 17th century costume and wears the leather pocket in which she's tucked her Mama's soft blue ribbon and a bit of rosemary to ward off the foul odors of gaol. An autographed copy of the book is included.

CourageCombinedCourage to Run - 2002

Doll: 11" Porcelain

Edition Limited to 350

Retail $695.00

Harriet Tubman epitomizes heroism for her life work in the Underground Railroad, but Courage to Run by Wendy Lawton is the story of her girlhood when faith was born. and courage discovered. She wears a homespun, patched dress, tattered straw hat and much worn work boots. She carries her treasure, the quilt made for her by Old Rit. An autographed copy of the book is included.

RansomsMarkCombinedRansom's Mark - 2003

Doll: 11" Porcelain

Edition Limited to 50

Retail $695.00

Ransom’s Mark recounts the story of thirteen-year-old Olive Oatman’s journey west by wagon train. Renegade Yavapais capture Olive and her sister in 1851 after the massacre of their family. A year later the Mohaves rescue the sisters and tattoo them with the mark of ransom. The cruelty of Olive’s early captivity and the death of her sister from starvation bring Olive to the edge of despair before she discovers what ransom really means.

HallelujahMarkCombined1Hallelujah Lass - 2004

Doll: 14” porcelain and wood

Edition limited to 175

Retail $695.00

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, teenager, Eliza Shirley – a Hallelujah Lass, as they were called in England – single-handedly started the Salvation Army in America. The story is told in Wendy Lawton’s book, The Hallelujah Lass. Eliza is dressed in the navy wool serge precursor to the famous Salvation Army uniform and bonnet. Eliza has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. An autographed copy of the book is included.



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