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 Little Women Revisited Collection

JoMarchMiss Jo March - 2001

Doll: 14" Porcelain and Wood

Retail Price $995.00

Edition of 175

A new look at an old favorite. The Lawton Doll Company brings the unforgettable Jo March to life. She comes in her "good" dress of tartan and velvet. Also included is her sapphire silk ball gown and dress form, locket, basket with Christmas pudding, and her manuscript portfolio.

Meg'sWeddingMeg's Wedding - 2002

Doll: 14" Wood and porcelain

Edition Limited to 175

Meg, the eldest, was the homemaker of the March family and her wedding day marked her coming of age. Her wedding dress is an authentic recreation of a civil war wedding ensemble, worn over hoops and crinolines and pantalets. Antique lace, made in France nearly one hundred years ago, trims the tiers of her skirt. The simple veil, also trimmed in antique lace, is held in place by antique velvet flowers. A long row of modest gold buttonsMegs_weddingCU embellishes the jacket. Meg holds a white Bible and a bouquet of white roses. Also included is Meg's house dress and apron, because, despite the glow of her wedding day, Meg looks forward to her life of domesticity. A faux marble dress form is included to display the extra ensemble.

Many Lawton dealers are able to arrange matched, numbered sets of all four Little Women dolls. see your dealer for details.

bethathomeBeth at Home - 2003

Doll: 14" Wood and porcelain

Edition Limited to 175

Beth loved home and all the things that had to do with family. In a poignant cinematic scene—after having had to say goodbye to Beth—Jo runs her hand over the embroidered name on Beth’s chest and lifts the lid to see  Beth’s beloved dolls. We include all those treasures but our scene goes back to a happier time when the dolls surround Beth. One is a cloth doll from Marme’s time, another is well-loved wooden, jointed doll; and the third is her treasure—a china doll, dressed in the scraps leftover from Jo’s ball gown. Beth’s chest and quilt are included as well.

AMYPARISAmy in Paris - 2004

Doll: 14” porcelain and wood, with easel, brush, palette and painting
Edition limited to 175

It’s no wonder Laurie falls in love when he sees her. The youngest March sister, Amy, studies art in Paris, but she is a picture herself. She wears an exquisite costume of pink silk, matching embroidered silk and sunset pink silk trim. She comes with her palette, brush, easel and oil painting. Her pale blonde curls are mohair and her eyes are blue glass.



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